Author’s Favourite Illustrations

Buddie The Trampolining Bear

The Great Bear’s MagicThe Great Bear’s Magic

“I love the illustration on page 44 because I can feel the magic of the Great Bear Constellation and the incredible star covered trampoline working. I imagine how it would feel to be Bouncer or Ed, and the wonder of meeting magical Buddie Bear, then the astonishment as ‘Buddie crossed her paws in front of her like a big kiss and blew one each to the boys.’ I can just see the twinkling stars forming into a kiss shape in the dark, night air and the glittering stardust covering the boys. I bet the stars would tickle and fizz in my ears, and land on my eyelashes. I wonder which illustration you like best and why?”

Buddie and the Polar Bears

Buddie in the Ice DenBuddie in the Ice Den

“I love bears very much – but I wouldn’t want to come face to face with a real bear in the wild, as they can be fierce and need to be respected. I really enjoy writing about magical/talking bears in my stories and I adore the way that Linda Owen, Buddie’s illustrator, brings bears to ‘life’. In Buddie’s second book, I have three favourite illustrations. On page 53 as Buddie looks out of the polar bears’ den, the detail of the tiny ice crystals dangling from white polar bear hairs around the opening is bear-utiful.”


Polar Bears’ Photo TimePolar Bears’ Photo Time

“The picture on page 67 makes me smile as the polar bears and Buddie pose to have their photos taken. I love the way that the illustrator placed Grandma Poppy’s hand on top of the cub’s ear!”



Viola Cooling DownViola Cooling Down

“Then my final choice is on page 69, as Viola the Polar cools herself down in the snow. She looks like she’s enjoying every moment with a big smile on her face. Which drawing in book two is your favourite, and why?”

Sarah Cooper